I am first and foremost just me. Incapable of being described completely and infallibly by words or art or any form. As I believe you are, too. But, words are powerful, and can be a great start, so here are some that will speak to my positionality:


When I speak, I am biased. My perspective and understanding limited. Limited by my whiteness, my femaleness, my growing-up in Christian-charismatic-conservative-Evangelicalism (which was quite comfortable and beautiful for me), my third-culture-kidness, my clear-cut sexual orientation, my middle-class economic status and likely other things I can’t yet name.

Some life circumstances have shaped me (divorce, infertility, communities of love –which were Christian– deaths, births, motherhood).  Some growth has happened, which is a gracious miracle. Much stuntedness remains, which is how life goes.

I’ve wanted to shake off my Christianity from time to time, but I’ve always felt there is no where else to turn to but Jesus. Somehow, I’ve always needed to think again and again about him and how God enters into this dirty, suffering world. Why wouldn’t he just leave us alone? My love language is the act of someone being present, so I guess it will always mean the most to me that God is Emmanuel.

As God came to earth and engaged and embraced creation, I want to engage and embrace it as well–and that includes you.