In chronological order


  1. Introduction: Through the Lens of My Library
  2. Oh Be Careful Little Eyes Around Those Marxists (Schaeffer and Freire)
  3. Will It Bible? Whose Bible Bibles the Bibliest (Scofield Reference Bible, Reformation Study Bible, Robert Alter’s Translation/Commentaries)
  4. But you still believe in . . . Right? (Fowler’s Stages of Faith)
  5. That is a Thought that You Could Think (Describing Dialogue)
  6. Fact, Fear and Infertility in Christian Marriage (Gay Christian Network)
  7. Going Dialogic: Evangelical Tensions and Learning to Teach More “Christianly” (Dialogic Pedagogy)
  8. “Why Jesus’ Black Life Matters (Bibling around with Black Christians like Kendrick Lamar)
  9. Opening the Fissure (Miroslav Volf’s Exclusion and Embrace)
  10. 5 Ways to Bible Toward “A Biblical View of Everything” (Literary Lenses amidst the Eugene Peterson [non]affirming kerfuffle)
  11. Disability and Faith: Breaking Down Barriers (Janelle’s journey with epilepsy, the church’s response, and the hope she’s found along the way)
  12. Fart-Blaming, The Life of the Mind & Spiritual Aristocracy (Classical Christian Ed & Rushdoony meet James Cone)
  13. Political Christianities: How Jesus Made Me a Progressive (Tom shares about the relationship between his Christian faith and his political stances)
  14. “Least of these” theologies & how they will always insult “the Most” (Why don’t White Christians want to say Jesus is doing something in #BlackLivesMatter?)
  15. A Letter on Being Dialogic (Laura and Chris disagree about John Pavlovitz‘s response to the Nashville Statement)
  16. What’s your Bible-in-the-Bible?: How cherished verses probably change everything (Proverbs-oriented vs Liberation-oriented Bibles-in-Bibles) 
  17. Dialogic problems and promises: A review of the criticisms (considering the problems this blog has caused for others, and articulating the promises)
  18. Dialogism as Writing Process & Call for Voices: are you an evangelical? (Revisiting the original idea of dialogism while also assigning homework)
  19. On Being Yellow in a White World (Kevin discusses the intersection between lent and the Chinese New Year)